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Psychometric testing provided by Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd (SRS). Based in the UK, SRS Ltd provides a reliable and valid assessment of the most complex resource your organisation has: its people.



Psychometric testing provided by Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd (SRS), will open a whole new world of human resource management. As a UK based leader in the field of psychometric testing, and human resource management, SRS Ltd provides a reliable and valid assessment of the most complex resource your organisation has: its human resources. As well as psychometric testing (available to view online), users of the SRS Group Ltd website can explore the SRS website for other services such as motivational team building and recruitment selection tools. We have the skills and experience to insure that psychometric testing yields tangible results for your business.

Through our extensive expertise and experience, SRS designs, develops and utilises tools and processes to give a clear understanding of the personality and environment mix in an organisation using sophisticated psychometric testing. The SRS approach takes the risk out of the equation. In order to provide world class psychometric testing, SRS have an experienced team of psychologists and psychometricians who provide an in-depth assessment to individuals and groups in businesses of all sizes, in all sectors and all industries.

Beyond our world class psychometric testing, SRS are also well-versed experts in a wide range of different human resource management techniques that promote motivational team building. Using our years of experience, we can transform your workplace into an environment that makes the most of your human resources, insuring that they are content in their rolls, and your business adopts continual improvement as a guiding philosophy. SRS can consult with you on how to provide objective assessments and solutions in the workplace. 

Click the link above to find out more about psychometric testing from SRS Group Ltd or feel free to contact the UK-based psychometric and employee assessment specialist on 01753 607 633.

External recruitment, internal promotion, individual development and acquisitions & mergers are just some of the areas where it is highly desirable to understand the effect of your workplace decisions before they are set in stone. Through psychometric testing, you can better understand the fundamental composition of your organisation. The psychometric test, when applied in these areas, will save significant resources in the long term strategic planning of any business who values its employees. Click the links above for psychometric testing, which will give you a great introduction to the service provided by SRS Group Ltd. If you're responsible for people in any business sector and are interested in more information regarding our psychometric testing or any other service provided by the UK-based Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd, then please contact SRS Ltd by telephone +44 (0) 2035380156 or online.

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Talent Management

Recognising, acquiring and developing talent are some of the most critical factors in a company's success.

At Strategic Resource Solutions we believe that the human resource is the only truly active resource in a business and it drives all others.

Whether it is at initial recruitment, inheriting a resource through acquisition, or developing the talent that you already have, we have the proven ability to quantifiably measure and maximise the potential of that talent together with the ongoing support necessary for success.

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Strategic Resource Solutions (SRS Group Ltd) is a UK based team of commercially focused psychologists and psychometricians who provide in-depth objective assessments of individuals and groups for businesses of all sizes and across all market sectors. SRS Group Ltd can offer you an introduction to testing and assessment in the online psychometric test available by clicking the link above.

Operating as a unit for more than 15 years, SRS Group Ltd have taken proven theory and developed highly practical commercially focused tools that bring pragmatic solutions to our clients.






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