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Attitude Surveys

Understanding what your workforce really think than what they say

Employee Attitude Survey

A carefully constructed and analysed attitude survey can be a very effective way of gathering information required to establish a foundation on which a change program can be built. Regrettably, however, more than a few attitude surveys fail because, whilst they look good to the untrained eye, the data recovered is inconclusive, vague or misleading.

The standard attitude survey is an instrument used by business managers to identify what the views and opinions of their employees on a range of issues that relate to the organisation and their position within the company. Employee attitude surveys act as the foundations of psychometric test. It is done by completing questionnaires. Once the attitude survey has been complete, a better understanding of how to proceed can be established.

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What is an Employee Attitude Survey?

At SRS, we have drawn upon our psychometric testing expertise and experience to develop a methodology that allows us to gather accurate and highly quantifiable data. The analysis of this data enables our clients to understand precisely where they should focus their effort and resources to gain the maximum impact, however the basis of all of this sophisticated analysis are the attitude surveys.