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When it comes to running a business the benefits of corporate coaching are becoming widely accepted within the industry, however when it comes to the benefits of coaching linked to highly predictive psychometrics these benefits are less widely known within the industry. When it comes to this here at SRS we know that combining highly accurate tools with the coaching process that we undergo SRS is achieving results which in many cases are quite remarkable.

Here at SRS, we are able to any team coaching with an important choice of areas that are extremely important including personal coaching, corporate rehabilitation coaching. This wide range of coaching allows a business to choose what area that they would like to be reviewed allowing for a perfectly tailored coaching program to be put into action, therefore guaranteeing the best results out of the coaching program. While these are the areas that are important we also understand that people’s needs within a company will vary and therefore as a consequence we are happy to tailor a coaching programme that not only fits the full corporate requirements but also fits an individual’s requirements, this can include anything ranging from executive coaching to individual’s working for the company coaching.

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what is personal coaching

While coaching within a company it is important to know that all sessions ran are one to one relationship between coach and client. While doing coaching the usual format for sessions is a weekly telephone call or a face to face meeting in which the areas specified by the organisation will be focused upon, each session will have an approximate lasting of one hour.

During each session we will be coaching the client on areas that have been deemed to be relevant either by the individual that is currently undergoing to coaching or by their corporate sponsor to guarantee the best results these areas will be selected before the session has begun, and will also be pointed out at the start of a session.