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Emotional Intelligence is the ability for an individual to recognize their own and other individuals emotions, and use this emotional information to guide, thinking and behavior accordingly. Also, emotional intelligence also referred to as EI, is becoming a very respected trait and is even considered a key to success, especially in the work and business environment. It generally consists of three main skills:

  • Emotional awareness
  • The ability to utilize emotions and apply them to thinking and problem solving
  • The ability to manage the emotions of others, as well as your own

As multiple studies show, some people are born with high emotional intelligence skills and this ability comes naturally, these individuals tend to excel in leadership positions, have better mental health and job performance. The good news is that emotional intelligence is a skill that can be learned, and at SRS, we offer you training and help in developing emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence gained its popularity when Daniel Goleman and his colleagues carried out research on the subject and based on these findings made test assessments. As a result, multiple books were published based on his findings and analysis, which to this day, are considered required reading, as well as many other tests and books being based on it.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments by SRS Group

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At SRS we use our profiling system to identify all aspect of emotional intelligence. Our team specialises in psychological and psychometric tests and assessments of individuals and groups. With our profiling system we are able to pick up any traits of emotional intelligence, providing you greater insight of your current aspect and how can you improve it. Our specialists offer you:

  • EI testing
  • EI assessment
  • EI coaching
  • EI training programs

Our Emotional Intelligence assessments are focused on understanding and improving all the skills related to EI already present in the individual and if not present, how to develop them. Emotional intelligence is essential in a successful work environment and an important character trait of any business leader or manager.