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Psychometric FAQ's

Here are a number of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

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  • Why is one psychometric test better than another?

Most reputable tests are designed using sound psychometric “principles”. The difference is in the complexity of the design and the relevance and size of the sample population used to standardise the test.

As a rough rule of thumb a test that takes minutes rather than hours to complete is relatively shallow. An appropriate test for your business is one that has a norm base developed on people relevant to your situation. e.g. a test referenced against students may not be relevant to the selection of salespeople.

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  • What about discrimination?

The whole point of psychometrics in a commercial setting is to differentiate between individuals and to make appropriate decisions. In consequence a good “test” must discriminate against those who are, for example, unsuitable for a role. The issue is whether or not you are discriminating “fairly”. This is why SRS will reference its material against your own specific population as soon as it has enough data This said we, of course , ensure that our material does not discriminate against against gender, race or minority groups.

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  • Can a test be manipulated?

In most cases where selection is involved it is probably fair to say that candidates will try to present themselves in a way that suggests that they are what you are looking for.

The complexity of the test is a relevant issue but more than this the test should be part of a selection process that provides the opportunity for the assessor to meet with the candidate and test the results through a structured interview and feedback.