Appraisal systems are an important part of structured succession planning, and we make it a priority to help our clients design these systems that really work. At SRS Group, we provide guidance on how to design effective appraisal processes, so that the best people are placed in the best positions. We also help managers train their subordinates so they can effectively carry out this essential task, which takes advantage of their skills while minimising their weaknesses. By understanding the potential skills and abilities locked within key employees, we can map out a prospective appraisal process that fits specific business needs. Often offices are too hectic for appraisals to be conducted in an effective manner; however, with our current format, appraisals are often noticed and appreciated by both supervisors and employees.


  • The levels of motivation and satisfaction

The levels of motivation and satisfaction achieved with a Performance appraisal system can have a substantial impact on that person's motivation and satisfaction. This has both positive and negative consequences for workers. Typically, appraisals give employees recognition for the efforts they've put in at work. This helps to precondition them so they can start recognizing their skills and aiming to progress within the company. The very act of a business providing an appraisal review opportunity also reinforces an idea that the company values its people. As well as this, when people know their performance is being closely scrutinised, they can change their behaviour accordingly. When issues like absenteeism, turnover rates, and other attendant behaviours are under examination, it tends to have a sort of "observer effect" on the subjects being analysed.


  • Training and Development 

Training and Development Managers often perform performance appraisals to give businesses an opportunity to identify unique development needs for supervisors or managers and to develop clear trajectories for future roles for specific employees or employees with similar roles. Appraisal performance management also strengthens the importance of training by helping managers see how skills acquired during one job might be helpful in another role down the road.



The importance of the appraisal process cannot be overstated, but it's only as helpful as the training and expertise your managers have signed up for. More than just a monthly conversation about appraisals, your managers need to know how to spot issues and opportunities all the time, through their everyday interactions with their subordinates. To make the most of appraisals, they need to be able to collect data on their team on a daily basis and use that information during evaluations. By working with SRS, we can help train your managers so they can appraise their subordinates effectively, taking into consideration their individual skills, talents, and thoughts about progression. This way, everyone involved – management and employees alike – will benefit from an efficient appraisal process.


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