We cannot stress strongly enough the value of properly designed and run appraisal systems and how appraisal process are linked into structured succession planning.  At SRS Group, we help our clients to design appraisal systems that really work, and we train your line managers so that they can conduct this vital, but often much-mishandled process, in a way that ensures that the best people are placed in the best positions, which takes advantage of their skills, while helping to mitigate their weaknesses.  We help the strategic team to map out the appraisal and succession planning process, by understanding the potential locked within the key individuals and by fitting this to possible future roles.


Just one of the many advantages that go with performance appraisals reviews is the format. Often offices are busy places, with your professional team working hard on their individual roles, as well as working as a team, often their efforts can be missed, or there simply isn’t time to assess people’s day to day efforts or even time to hold appraisals.


In almost every instance, both staff and supervisors have reported that a well-conducted appraisal process, has huge benefits to both the business, and the people involved.

Appraisal gives businesses an invaluable chance to look at people's work activities and help them identify their goals, to isolate any problems there may be and mitigate them before they become larger issues, and look at the skills that people have, as well as how to get the most out of the people and the skills they possess.


In a lot of instances, this could be the only opportunity for them to gain unimpeded access to their superiors. their supervisor, and the effect this personal interaction can have for them, the relationship with their supervisor, and even their perception of the organisation. 


  • The levels of motivation and satisfaction

Performance appraisal system has been known to have a substantial influence on that person’s motivation and satisfaction, and this can both be negative as well as positive.


Appraisals give employees recognition for the efforts of their labours. This preconditions can be powerful at helping people realize their skills and put them on a path to progression within the company.


The very fact that a business offers its employees this reviewing appraisal opportunity reinforces the idea that the business values its people, and has their progression in mind.


As well as this, when people know that their activities are under scrutiny. When issues like absenteeism, turnover rates, behaviour and performance manage are under a degree of scrutiny, it can have something to an observer effect. The subject that is being analysed, changes their behaviour based on this analysis.


  • Training and Development 

Manager performance appraisals can give a business the best opportunity for a supervisor or managers, and their subordinates to identify, and work towards, that individual’s unique development needs, and identify a legitimate path for progression.


This intimate, face to face discussion can shed more light on employee's or employer performance review at work, and the presence or absence of skills needed for their role, or any future roles can become apparent to both the manager and the employees' managers.


Appraisal performance management can increase the importance of training by linking its future career aspirations, and the changing nature of an existing role.



The importance of the appraisal process cannot be understated, but as important as it is, without the right training and expertise, the appraisal process can have the opposite effect, alienating and isolating employees. More than just a monthly appraisal conversation, your managers need to have the skills to pick up on issues and opportunities on a day to day basis, through their daily interactions with their subordinates. To make the best of the appraisals, they need to be able to know how to harvest information about their team and apply it during these assessments. With the assistance of SRS, we can train your managers to appraise their subordinates in a way that takes into consideration that employees individual skills, talents and thoughts on progression, the current and future requirements of the department they manage from a human resource perspective, and look at how all of this, will work, how it fits in with, and how it complements the businesses overall strategies for the future. Ensuring that your managers can manage their appraisal process in a way that benefits everyone can only serve to make them, their subordinates, and the business as a whole, stronger.


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