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Employee Attitude Surveys
What Is Employee Attitude Surveys?
  • By Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd

Here at Strategic Resource Solutions, we provide Employee attitude surveys which effectively measures strong points of clients, customers and staff members to a company. At SRS, we have drawn upon our psychometric expertise and experience to develop a methodology that allows us to gather accurate and highly quantifiable data. The analysis of this data enables our clients to understand precisely where they should focus their effort and resources to gain the maximum impact. It is done using a questionnaire used for Employee Attitude/Opinion Surveys typically contains items that are rated on a 5-point scale. These items may be developed to measure different dimensions of the organization. The 5 points measured and considered key factors are:

  • Communications
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Initiative

A carefully constructed and examined attitude survey can be a very efficient technique of collecting information required to organize a foundation on which a change program can be built. Woefully, although, more than a few attitude surveys unsuccessful because, whilst they look good to the unskilled eye, the data retrieve are inconclusive or misleading.


The employee attitude study uncovers how workers feel towards the organization and circulates the reasons for a few issues, similar to high non-attendance, brisk turnover, clashes and debate inside the association, and low representative fulfillment. From the online review comes about, administration can manage the means mandatory to address those issues, upgrade worker confidence, and enhance profitability. Employee attitude surveys offer data on the sources of confidence and guides administration on how better to propel workers, animate discoursed, advance responsibility, and enhance work fulfillment. They additionally enable the organization to react expeditiously to changing conditions in the workforce and safeguard control by giving signs on how employees are probably going to respond to any progressions executed.

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