Key resource evaluation

This is designed to provide an objective, quantifiable measure of the strengths and limitations of the key members of an organization in order to identify individual and group potential and to provide a basis from which to move forward.

This has been successfully applied to all sizes of business from the smaller entrepreneurial company looking at taking that difficult step to becoming a more structured corporate through to large PLC’s where we have based a complete restructuring and change management program around an evaluation of the entire management team. While you are doing a key resource evaluation within an organization it is important to remember that it does not matter what size company you are, it is perfect for applying to a smaller entrepreneurial company that is looking to make the long and daunting path of becoming a more structured corporate. 

While running a business it is important to fully understand and evaluate key resources which mean to understand what each and every member of staff’s limitations and strengths are within their role, this will allow you to be able to figure out what role is best for them and wherein the company it would be best to place them. While doing so you will be able to fully identify what is best for the organization moving forward by looking at the potential of each member of staff and groups within the organization and assigning them to the tasks that they will do best on.



All the way to a large PLC where we have been able to complete a full restructuring to how the key fundamentals of the company work at a higher level to make it a more effective workforce and therefore getting the most out of the hard-working individuals and groups within. It is important that the human resource in the workplace is correctly allocated to the correct roles while also being effective in their placement.


While doing a key resource evaluation it is always important to look at the entire management team not only are they the team that runs the whole organisation while also monitoring how well the other individuals within the company are doing, this will lead onto running a change management program within the organisation to make sure that that the key fundamentals within the company have been optimised to work at the best of their ability. It is important for all management staff to be able to understand human resource management within a business and will, therefore, need to undergo full key resource evaluation with the process, allowing them to learn what is best when it comes to employee ability management.


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