Recruitment and selection

Selecting the right people for the right job can be fraught with difficulty. Working out whether or not someone has applicable skills from a candidate interview isn’t always a simple task, the selection process often needs something more in-depth and informed than a traditional interview of candidates. The recruitment selection tools from Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd is a cornerstone of the service provided by SRS, a service that is to the highest standards. The decisions that are made during the recruitment process of an organisation while looking for new staff members, will have a large impact on the future performance of that business, and any wrong decision could end up costing that business a large amount of time and money. Because of this, the tools provided by SRS can make up an essential part of any company’s recruitment process to make sure that the decision made is the correct one. A large factor in future-proofing a company is when it is going through recruitment selection and training, each employee must be able to fit into the role they are being placed into and their skills and personality. At SRS it is our goal to provide the best possible opportunity for the organisation to select the right candidate for a job, therefore future-proofing the selection process, and the recruitment decisions made.


Whether we like it or not, statistics are able to show us that most organisations experience great difficulty when it comes to recruiting new staff, and with higher-level recruitment, or more specialized roles, a standard candidate interview just isn’t enough. Perhaps what is even more surprising is the fact that many mistakes occur when new appointments are made from within the organisation itself. When it comes down to the reason for these mistakes it is generally very simple. Most organisations when recruiting for a role within their company are good at assessing the technical requirements of a specific role and then comparing that with the technical competence of the candidates.



What is much more difficult when recruiting is to understand the full personality demands, and to be able to assess the individual’s ability to meet those, and to “fit” into the new role or organization that they are being placed within. Our recruitment selection tools help an employer choose the right staff member for the role, and so can go on to save the organisation money in the long run and prove a return on both, the actual member of staff and recruitment selection tools, investments. The recruitment selection process method has been optimised to be used within an organisation to make sure that the result is the best possible outcome for the future of the company.


If you’re a business owner and would like to know more about recruitment selection tools, please contact SRS. We can provide complete support services in regard to these tools, irrespective of whether an appointment is to be made from internal or external sources.


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