Rehabilitation Coaching

For a number of years, Strategic Resource Solutions has been providing a service to both insurers and companies designed to help those who have encountered illness or injury to return to working. Along with diagnostic testing we've established an exceptionally efficient rehabilitation coaching program that has become indispensable.


One of the services we offer here at SRS is Rehabilitation Coaching. We are fully aware that not everything goes to plan for individuals, this can include many things, one of which can be an illness which makes them unable to work for an extended period of time. This means when they have left work they are in the need of help and a partner to speak to, and we offer rehabilitation coaching services, this is a service that is highly looked upon by companies and insurers alike, where they will need help to return, the individual that has undergone the break can receive the rehabilitation coaching they need.


The diagnostic testing is a part of our rehabilitation coaching program, we here at SRS have developed our rehabilitation coaching specifically for individuals returning from a long-term illness or injury, to help with the rehabilitation process to make their return to the company as smooth as possible, and as effective for the company as possible. The process that is undergone while going through rehabilitation coaching has proven time and time again to be invaluable to a company that has lost an individual to illness or injury, while also being especially effective and useful at helping the individual to return to work at the top of their game.


It is important that while undergoing rehabilitation coaching that the individual makes their own choices with guidance and support, this will allow them to fully understand that everything they are doing is their own choice and not one imposed upon them. This coaching program will allow for the trained coaches to be able to help and support the individual in any way that they feel comfortable with. A rehabilitation process that allows people to make their own decisions allows for a more positive and mentally strong decision, this will, therefore, prevent relapse and will help the individual recover through the process at a significantly faster rate, therefore bringing them back to the organization that needs the individual to be at their working best. Rehabilitation coaching services at SRS are led by top coaches with years of coaching experience.



The advantages of rehabilitation coaching have been demonstrated again and again to organisations that have lost a worker due to trauma or illness, while additionally demonstrating effectiveness in aiding the person's return to functioning at their highest potential. It is critical that during rehab guidance, the individual makes their choices under guidance and support; this way they comprehend everything they do is done by choice, not imposed. This coaching program empowers the experienced coaches to give assistance and service in any manner the individual feels comfortable with. Allowing people to make their own decisions allows for a more encouraging attitude and greater psychological strength, therefore forestalling relapse and making it possible for the person to get well through the process at a noticeably quicker rate, consequently returning them to the business in peak working form. At SRS, rehabilitation coaching services are headed by top coaches with years of experience in mentoring.


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